W4W Dark Days 

Secret Santa 

Dec. 17th, 2021 – Serre of Bartholomeus Gasthuis, Utrecht


New Year’s Eve Music Bingo

Dec. 30th – Brasserie Blue – Amsterdam

Widows 4 Widows Dark Days Secret Santa
Dec. 17th , 2021, Utrecht

Gezellig met weduwen onder elkaar de gekte van Sinterklaas en Kerst op een ongedwongen manier vieren.
Lekker ouderwets met het bekende cadeautjes dobbel spel.
Enjoy the craziness of ‘Sinterklaas’ and Christmas in a relaxed way with widows.  Together playing the old-fashioned  and well-known gift dice game.

In this way we bring a bright spot in these literal and figurative Dark Days for our widows. Each participant takes a small gift of 15 Euro with which we will play the game. Of course we provide tasty snacks and drinks, including 1 glass of wine per person.

We celebrate this old-fashioned fun afternoon event with a traditional Dutch touch, at the Bartholomeus Gasthuis in Utrecht. In a pefect cosy setting, which feels like a living room. Register quickly as the number of participants is limited.

Admission 35,- Euro and don’t forget your gift of 15 Euro.

Additional alcoholic drinks are at your own expense.

35 Euro




W4W Dark Days New Year’s Eve Music Bingo

Dec. 30th – Brasserie Blue – Prinsenstraat Amsterdam


New Year’s Eve MusicBingo
December 30 from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Brasserie Blue, Prinsenstraat in Amsterdam

New Year’s Eve is such an especially difficult time for us widows. With whom are you celebrating this “fun” evening? Who gives you a hug or kiss at midnight? What kind of resolutions do you make?
An often confrontational evening in your loss and feeling of loneliness, even though you still have so many sweet and well-meaning people around you.

We are happy to give you a boost with our Dark Days New Year’s MusicBingo on December 30th. The old-fashioned bingo in a different jacket. Nice to inform each other, fanatic trying to find out which songs are being played and go home with a nice consolation prize.
On this afternoon you can bring a friend if you like.
We organize this Music Bingo in a cozy room of Brasserie Blue in Amsterdam. The interior alone will make you happy.

Register quickly as the number of participants is limited.
Of course we use the RIVM guidelines in force at that time.

If you want to name a girlfriend/girlfriends, please report them separately.

PS Participation is for widows or ladies preparing for widowhood and their guest(s). These events are not for personal acquisition. We organize other events for that.

Entrance 35 Euro

Widows for Widows